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hi there

Okay, I can brag, I guess, but I've known Rob since Chicon 2000, and although I live in Chicago, I've been able to visit Toronto about 3-8 times a year since that con. We also had the pleasure of having Rob as a GOH at Windycon.

Needless to say, I have a bunch of Rob's books, all autographed "To Sciffy" and he was a bit amused and surprised to see me at Torcon with a different name on my badge. Quote: "Oh my god, Sciffy has a real name!" to which I screamed, "EEK, hide it!" I guess that's what you get when worldcon memberships are Xmas gifts, (fannish idea of a committment, from Torcon's webmaster, whom I was dating) and you're too lazy to change the badge name.

All these books are autographed, and extra copies made great gifts more than once:

Starplex (1st ed, HC)
Far Seer (1st ed, HC)
Flashforward (1st ed, HC and PB)
End of an Era (2001 Tor ed, trade paperback)
Hominids (advance reading copy)
Humans (1st ed, HC. pointed out typo) (plus HU-go nomination flyer, with Chapter 22 of Hominids)
Hybrids (1st ed, HC)
Iterations (Canadian 1st ed, HC)
Calculating God (PB)
The Terminal Experiment (PB)
Frameshift (PB)
Factoring Humanity (PB)

I also have some of the books which contain his short stories:

Men Writing SF as Women, "Relativity"
Star Colonies, "On the Shoulders of Giants" (plus promotional flyer)
Far Frontiers, "Star Light, Star Bright"
Space, Inc., "Come All Ye Faithful" (signed by everyone at Torcon launch party)
Stars, "Immortality"
"The Man Who Folded Himself" by David Gerrold, introduction by Robert J. Sawyer. I also have the distinction of being the first person to get Rob to sign a copy of this book. I've been waiting many years to see David Gerrold again at a con. I've met Gerrold in 1989 (Westercon, Anaheim), and in 1990 or 91 (Phoenix), and I told Rob I was very amused that his first experience with both SF and meeting David Gerrold was a lot like my own.

I also have more than a few newspaper articles, most of them from Torcon. I have a copy of his story from The Toronto Star, "The Stanley Cup Caper".

I also got permission from Rob to tape his readings at a few cons. The one from Ad Astra where he read "The Eagle Has Landed" came out very poor quality. The one I got at ConFusion 2003 came out nicely, with the editor of Tor (I should know his name, I've seen him at many cons) reading "Only the Faithful Now" by Marie Jakober, followed by Rob reading "Relativity" after we said we weren't sure who Janis Ian was. I also "rescued" Rob at the 2004 ConFusion when I brought the books with all his short stories, and his Palm wasn't working properly. He made numerous remarks about technology, and trying to "go back to paper", and ended up borrowing my copy for the reading. Earlier that day, I'd given him a tape of his reading from the year earlier. I joked after this 2004 reading that I must be psychic or something, and he should listen to the tape as proof. He'd chosen to read the same stories for 2004 as he had for 2003. He asked, "Well, if you'd heard them before, why didn't you stop me?" I just smiled and said, "they're good stories! :) " and put a stack ready for autographing in front of him, and his Cherry Coke. (He made other remarks about whether we liked the stuff, were too lazy to get a real drink, or what)

I've also got (unsigned, duh) memories of him at Windycon on his first panel, telling us about how he'd suffered through Chicago's rush hour, construction, and more. We also had a fun room party with all the Toronto people, avt_tor and marahsk (and pseudo-Toronto people like myself) promoting Cascadia 2005 (Seattle NASFiC) and the next Chicago Worldcon bid. While Rob & his wife Carolyn seemed to like the pizza, and I praised Alex for ordering Giordano's, I cursed when I saw the anchovies. Rob made a remark that I was cursing about like he did during the rush hour earlier. I also made a few obscure Toronto references and jokes, like "the parking lot they call the 401" and about brightly colored balloons at opening ceremonies, and the subterranean caverns, and edible oil products, and the tower in Toronto that controls people's minds! Everyone was giving Rob and I strange looks for being the only people in the room to understand the references. (It's from "The Frantics", the "Arrogant Worms" and "The Radio Free Vestibule")

Hehehe, memories... :)

Too bad I'll be missing ConFusion this upcoming weekend, but if possible, I'll be at Ad Astra, and/or Toronto Trek! :)

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